The affairs of the Town of Chevy Chase View are governed by the Council, consisting of five members. Council members are residents of the Town who are elected for a two-year term.

The Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month (except August), and at such other times as are necessary. The monthly meetings are currently held at 10401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 103, Kensington, Maryland. All meetings are open and any resident wishing to bring a matter to the attention of the Council should contact the Town Manager or any member of the Council.

Minutes are provided to the residents of the Town following each monthly meeting. These minutes note the time and place of the next regular meeting of the Council, as well as provide notification of upcoming work sessions and special meetings.

Residents who wish to receive advance notices of meetings, copies of meeting minutes, and other important information from the Town are encouraged to sign up for Town e-mailings.

Council Members

Ed Tarbutton

Address: 4108 Everett Street
Phone: 240-447-6465
Email: [email protected]
Special Issues: Community Liaison, Public Safety


Address: 4409 Saul Road
Phone: 301-942-7283
Email: [email protected]
Special Issues: Leaf Removal, Trees, Stormwater, Composting

Peter Marks

Address: 4213 Franklin Street
Phone: 240-601-5323
Email: [email protected]
Special Issues: Right-of-Way Maintenance, Road Maintenance and Repair, Street Cleaning, Snow Removal

Tommy George

Address: 9809 Gartrell Place
Phone: 301-233-2347
[email protected]
Special Issues: Digital Infrastructure, Emergency Management

Helen Trybus

Address: 4012 Cleveland Street
Phone: 240-381-0530
Email: [email protected]
Special Issues: Waste Management and Recycling, Street Lighting

Denise Hitt

Address: 9904 Connecticut Avenue
Phone: 301-949-9274
Email: [email protected]