Building Regulations

The Chevy Chase View Municipal Code is provided below as a reference for residents. Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code provides the Building Regulations for the Town.  Any questions on the regulations should be directed to the Town Manager.

Building Permit and Procedures

The Town of Chevy Chase View Building Permits and Procedures should be carefully read and completed when construction is planned.  They contain the following:

  • Building Requirements, Procedures and Instructions
  • Application for Building Permit
  • Building Permit Sample
  • Variance Application
  • Bond Requirement Guidelines for CCV Construction
  • Cash Performance Bond for Restoration of Public Right of Way
  • Surety Bond

Also complete the Town of Chevy Chase View Permit Fee Schedule and submit it along with the other required documentation as well as the appropriate permit fees.

Written approval from the Chevy Chase View Town Council must be obtained prior to any construction. The completed forms must be submitted for approval, along with supporting documentation, by the appropriate deadline for consideration at the next Town Council meeting.  Please note, the County mandates different minimum setbacks from Chevy Chase View. Please refer to Chevy Chase View’s Building Regulations for setback requirements. Corner lots present different interpretations and, prior to obtaining a permit, residents are advised to consult with the County regarding its rules.

Construction Site Protocol

The following standards are required either by Montgomery County or by Chevy Chase View to be followed by the owner, contractors and sub-contractors. They are meant to be reminders about the importance of being considerate to adjoining residences during your construction period.