The Town of Chevy Chase View was originally laid out in an irregular grid and has remained relatively true to its original plan.

Chevy Chase View Boundaries

  • The Southern Boundary is the north side of Saul Road from Cedar Lane to number 3901 Saul Road.
  • The Northern Boundary is at the point where Cedar Lane and Summit Avenue merge and Connecticut Avenue at numbers 10100 and 10101.
  • The Eastern Boundary is the rear lot line of homes on the east side of Connecticut Avenue extending from number 3901 Saul Road, number 4001 Franklin Street, all of Everett Street as it dead ends into Kensington Parkway and Dresden Street’s cul de sac.
  • The Western Boundary is Cedar Lane from Saul Road to the point where Cedar merges with Summit Avenue.

To help the community understand the boundaries of the Town, we have provided a detailed digital map of the Town of Chevy Chase View. To view the map, click on the link below.

Street Addresses in Chevy Chase View

Street Numbers
Cedar Lane (9909 to 10149 – odd numbers only)
Cleveland Street (3900-4021)
Connecticut Avenue (9803-10101)
Dresden Street (3800-4225)
Everett Street (3803-4230)
Franklin Street (4001-4229)
Gartrell Place (9809-9817)
Glenridge Street (4001-4317)
Glenrose Street (4001-4314)
Kensington Parkway (9908-9918 – even numbers only)
Saul Road (3901-4417 – odd numbers only)
Summit Avenue (9800-10114)