The Chevy Chase View Town Council budget procedure is governed by the Chevy Chase View Charter. Section 6.B. states:

During the third week in April of each year, and prior to certifying the tax rate to the County Council, the Council of Chevy Chase View shall hold a public meeting on its proposed budget for the forthcoming fiscal year. Notice of the time and place of such meeting shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in Chevy Chase View in Montgomery County.

Each such budget shall show the estimated expenditures for the coming fiscal year for each of the budget items authorized in Sec. 7. and the estimated receipts to be collected from the tax rate proposed to be set and from other sources. The budget shall also contain a similar report of receipts and expenditures (including estimates for the balance of the fiscal year) and for the then current fiscal year. The Council shall hear all proper comments and suggestions on the proposed budget offered at the meeting and shall give them due consideration in determining finally the tax to be certified to the Montgomery County Council.

Questions regarding the budget should be directed to the Town Manager or the Town Council.