The Town has been experiencing progressively worsening drainage issues, in part due to the design of the neighborhood at the time of its inception, climate change, as well as to the design of individual homes during their respective developments.

Stormwater-related flooding has increased in Chevy Chase View due to: an increase in the frequency and intensity of storms; a significant increase in the amount of impermeable surface throughout CCV, contributing to surface runoff; and hard stormwater infrastructure (constructed and maintained by Montgomery County and the State of Maryland) that is old and undersized for current conditions. As a result, stormwater can rise rapidly, overflowing onto streets, yards, and homes, inundating roads and damaging homes and property, and posing a health and safety risk. A September 10, 2020, cloudburst event produced over 4 inches of rain in roughly 3 hours in the Town and residents in lower-lying areas within the Town reported water levels on and/or flowing through their properties of 6, 8, and 24 inches. The stormwater leaving the Town also contributes to water quantity and quality issues in the watershed as receiving waters are overwhelmed and flooding has become a more frequent occurrence.

The Town of Chevy Chase View is currently on the cusp of a 10-year plan to upgrade all of its public right-of-way infrastructure. Studying the stormwater issues holistically throughout the Town will provide CCV with the critical information it needs to: incorporate best practices in stormwater management into its public infrastructure planning; prioritize green- and grey infrastructure improvements; educate residents and stakeholders about climate change impacts and stormwater issues and solutions; and build consensus around stronger stormwater regulation.

Climate Study Presentation and Report

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