The Town of Chevy Chase View defers to the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security (OEMHS) in all emergency situations.  Please take the necessary steps to prepare yourself in the event of emergencies. OEMHS outlines the following as essential steps:

Advance notice of an emergency – even just a few minutes – can make a big difference in your safety. Systems like Alert Montgomery can send notifications to your mobile phone so you receive emergency alerts whether you are at home, work, or even running errands. Montgomery County uses several different media outlets to get information out to residents. This includes:

Emergencies can take many forms and occur with or without warning. By taking a few simple steps now, you can ensure that you, your family, and your community are better prepared to handle emergencies.  Each family’s plan will be unique based on their particular circumstances.  For example, are there children?  Do you have pets?  Does anyone require specific medications, equipment, etc.?[/accordion][accordion title=”Make a Kit” is_open=”no”]

One of the most critical steps you can take to sustain yourself and your family during a disaster is to create an emergency kit before the disaster strikes.  Kits are helpful in the event you are instructed to shelter in place and if you are instructed to evacuate.
Include the following items in your emergency kit:

  • Water – One gallon per person per day for at least three days
  • Food – A three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Can Opener – Manual hand-cranking
  • Radio – Battery-powered or hand-cranking
  • Flashlight – With extra batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medication – A three-day supply
  • Toiletries – For personal hygiene
  • Copies of Important Documents – Insurance policies, identification, and bank accounts in a waterproof container
  • Other Items (Depending on the Household) – Infant formula and diapers, extra clothing, books or games for children

Check on your neighbors, family, and friends.  Working together will help everyone to endure any emergency situation.  Elderly persons and those with special needs may need extra assistance.

The Town of Chevy Chase View also recommends that you keep on hand information that will help you notify and stay informed with the utility companies in the area.

  • PEPCO – Pepco recommends that customers who are in areas that anticipate weather impact make preparations, by reviewing emergency plans and restocking supplies such as water, non-perishable food, and other essentials. In the event of severe weather, remember to stay away from downed power lines.  To contact Pepco, visit their website at or call 1-877-737-2662.  You may also download their mobile app.
  • WASHINGTON GAS – Washington Gas reminds their customers that if a natural gas leak or other gas emergency is suspected and you are unsure of the severity or what to do, evacuate the area immediately and call 911 from a safe location. To contact Washington Gas, visit their website at or call 1-800-752-7520.
  • TELEPHONE – Make sure that you have a hard-wired (not wireless) phone available, which will work when the electricity does not.  In addition, you should be certain your cell phone is charged if there is forewarning of a potential power outage.  Car chargers are a great way to ensure that you can keep your phone charged throughout the outage.  In addition, have the contact information for your phone carrier handy.

The Town encourages all residents to have an Emergency Preparedness Plan and Kit.  More detailed information including step-by-step instructions can be found on the OEMHS and websites.