Chevy Chase View is responsible for snow removal on our Town streets. The Town has contracted with Rolling Acres to provide the community with snow removal and sanding services.

In the event of a snowstorm, Rolling Acres will:

  • Apply brine in advance of the storm, as necessary;
  • Deploy crews and equipment to keep ahead of snow accumulations;
  • Automatically mobilize upon snow accumulation of a 2-inch depth.

During the storm, the Council has requested that Rolling Acres apply sand rather than salt as the primary traction base when necessary. In areas with steep inclines and at steep intersections, a mixture of salt and sand will be applied. Additionally, the Council has requested that Rolling Acres provide barrels of a salt and sand mixture at steep intersections for residents’ use, if required.

If you observe that a particular intersection or section of the street requires additional attention, please contact the Town Manager or the Council Member responsible for Snow Removal and Sanding.

As winter approaches, “guard stakes” shall be installed throughout the neighborhood in areas historically subject to damage by snowplow blades.

Here is some important information to remember:

What are residents responsible for when it snows?

Your sidewalk(s) MUST be shoveled within 24 hours of the end of the storm—it’s the law in Montgomery County. If you live on a corner lot, you must shovel both sidewalks. Remember that if it snows while you are not home, your sidewalk still must be cleared, so be sure to make arrangements in advance.

Please park your car(s) in your driveway

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough! It makes it so much easier, more effective, and safer to apply the brine and plow the streets if cars are in the driveway! Brine application and clearing your street of snow can be more effective without maneuvering around parked vehicles. If you must park on the street, please park on the EVEN-NUMBERED side of the street.

Please do not park near intersections

The snowplows are BIG and the clearing process is slowed down (sometimes blocked completely) when cars are parked too close to intersections.

What can you expect

The plowing will begin as soon as there is enough snow on the street to push (generally at least two inches). If the snow is coming down in torrents the plowing will start at about 2-3″ accumulation and continue as additional inches of snow fall. The strategy is left to the experience and knowledge of our very able contractor, Rolling Acres, who has serviced the Town for over 30 years.

The newly fallen snow may be treated again with salt and/or sand before there is enough snow to plow. Salt and/or sand is only used when necessary, with special attention given to hills and intersections. Usually, two to three inches of snow are required before we actually begin to plow to improve the traction and reduce sliding. In order to preserve the integrity of our asphalt streets, our contractor does not plow down to hard pavement.

The Council has contracted with Rolling Acres to treat Connecticut Avenue and Cedar Lane sidewalks prior to a snow storm with a brine application.