Effective October 3, 2022, the Town of Chevy Chase View migrated to a new DotGov domain name, chevychaseviewmd.gov, for common IT services, such as web and email.

A few fundamental reasons why the Town is migrating from chevychaseview.org to chevychaseviewmd.gov:

  • Promotes Trust and Credibility – DotGov namespace is only available to U.S.-based government organizations, such as the Town of Chevy Chase View, making it easier to identify us on the Internet
  • Enhances Security and Privacy – Town services, such as web and mail, will require the use of secure protocols (e.g., HTTPS) to protect users’ privacy and increase security of the Town’s digital infrastructure
  • Improves Searchability and Availability – DotGov is a top-level domain (TLD) recognized as U.S. critical infrastructure and encouraged for use by eligible government organizations nationwide.

The migration will be seamless to residents, as the Town’s presence via web and email on .org will remain functional and automatically redirect/forward to .gov for the foreseeable future.

More information on the use of DotGov may be found at https://home.dotgov.gov/about.