Dear Resident:

The following eligible nominees have indicated their willingness to be candidates for election to the Council of Chevy Chase View:

  For Council Member (Three to be elected)

Peter Marks*                           4213 Franklin Street

Nancy Somerville*                 4409 Saul Road

Ed Tarbutton*                        4108 Everett Street

*Indicates incumbent.

Follow the link below to review the candidates’ biographical sketches.

Council Election Procedure:

According to Sec.5.B. of the Chevy Chase View Charter, as amended by Resolution No. 63-12-05 and adopted by the CCV Council on December 14, 2005,

“If the number of nominees for the Council so reported does not exceed the number of Council positions to be filled in that election, the nominees so reported shall be deemed elected as of the second Tuesday of May of said year and no balloting shall take place.”

Thus, because there are only three candidates for three open Council positions, no election will be held on Thursday, May 11, 2023. Peter Marks,  Nancy Somerville and Ed Tarbutton will be deemed elected to serve a two-year term, commencing upon the taking of the Oath of Office.


Michael Plantamura, Chair

Dawn Forsberg

Stacey Kuzma