Dear Residents,

On behalf of the Town Council, I want to formally announce our new Deputy Town Manager, Denise Hitt. After an extensive recruiting and interview process, we are so fortunate that Denise, who is a Town resident, applied for this very important position. She started on July 10th and has been working with our Town manager over the past three weeks and is learning the many facets of municipal management.

Now a bit more about Denise –

Denise grew up close by in Bethesda, where she attended Walt Whitman High School. With a passion for criminology, she pursued her higher education at the University of Maryland. After completing her undergraduate studies, she obtained her law degree from the University of Baltimore. Following this, Denise embarked on a year-long clerkship and subsequently built her career in the field of litigation. Denise’s husband, Rance, has lived in Kensington for most of his life.

In 2004, they made a momentous decision to live in CCV along with their two sons. The experience of raising their children in this neighborhood was truly remarkable, as the tight-knit community always looked out for one another. Although Denise took a break from her professional endeavors to stay at home, she eventually returned to work in the field of education. She served as the Assistant to the Headmaster at Georgetown Preparatory School. While she cherished her time at Prep, Denise’s role as a CCV resident has ignited her excitement to collaborate with Jana Coe, the Town Council, and fellow residents to ensure that our special community continues to thrive. If you happen to spot Denise during one of her walks, you’ll likely see her accompanied by Chief, her beloved 12-year-old yellow lab.

Ed Tarbutton
Council Chair