By law, as a municipality, the Town of Chevy Chase View receives a portion of the Maryland state income tax the Town’s residents pay each year. This revenue represents the most significant source of the Town’s overall income and goes directly toward paying for services that the Town delivers to its residents instead of the county-provided services. Town residents DO NOT pay any additional State income taxes to live in Chevy Chase View.

To ensure that the Town of Chevy Chase View receives all State income tax revenues due to the Town, we ask you to please take special care when completing your MD State income tax return.

For tax returns for Tax Year 2023, please be aware that MD Form 502 has been updated to require specific information to identify the return filer as a resident of the Town of Chevy Chase View. See below a sample of the first page of MD Form 502. This required information is located in the box directly under your mailing address.

  1. Enter number 1617 (the 4-digit political subdivision code assigned to Chevy Chase View). Please see the left red arrow below.
  2. Under “Maryland Political Subdivision”, include Chevy Chase View (if filing electronically there may be a character limit, and if so, use the abbreviation Ch Ch View). Please see the right red arrow as well as the note shown below.