Dear Residents,

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has identified challenges with left turns at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Franklin Street, both northbound and southbound. In response, the proposed solution is to restrict left turns from Franklin Street onto Connecticut Avenue, thereby preventing cross-through traffic on Franklin Street across Connecticut.

MDOT suggests implementing a pilot program, typically lasting six (6) months. As part of this initiative, temporary flex posts, designed in an “S” curve, will be installed at the intersection to physically prohibit left turns from Franklin Street onto Connecticut Avenue and cross traffic.

During the pilot program, MDOT will closely monitor the intersection’s operational impacts on Connecticut Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood streets. If the temporary flex posts prove to significantly enhance safety without major neighborhood disruptions, MDOT will consider installing a permanent fixture, such as a concrete serpentine.

MDOT’s analysis indicates a substantial reduction in conflicting merging and crossing points through the proposed action. You may watch MDOT’s presentation, with a clear explanation of the conflicts at the 21:00 minute mark. Further, if you wish to review the detailed information on the cross-points, reference in the MDOT Conflicting Maneuvers document. The primary goal is to enhance safety with minimal traffic disruption.

Key Changes Proposed:

  • Westbound and eastbound Franklin Street will no longer be able to turn left onto Connecticut Avenue.
  • There will be no through traffic on Franklin Street across Connecticut Avenue.
  • U-turns will still be permitted on Connecticut Avenue at the Franklin Street intersection.

MDOT will not only monitor traffic on residential streets to assess impact but also welcomes input from residents during the pilot program. The Council supports MDOT’s recommendation. We will provide you with more details as to when the program will commence, as we work with MDOT.

If you wish to provide comments or have questions you should contact either:

Denise Hitt, Town Manager:

[email protected]


Delegate Solomon’s office:

(410) 841-3130 or [email protected].

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


Town Council