The Town has scheduled this Spring’s bulk yard waste pickup. Chevy Chase View is a mature neighborhood with a tremendous number of trees and shrubs, and this cleanup will aid residents in maintaining the appearance of their properties.

Beginning on Monday, April 8th, Myers and Laws Tree Service will begin the collection of limbs, bushes, and shrubs from your yards that have been placed at the curb. The large ends (the butt end) of branches should face the street. This Spring clean-up includes all organic yard waste that can be placed in a chipper or hauled away in bulk. This cleanup is not intended to substitute for major landscaping work that would typically require the contractor to remove the debris. 

Important Reminders:

  1. Please do not place this yard waste at the curb prior to Sunday, April 7th. This notice is designed to give you time to survey your yards and determine what overgrowth and dead limbs/shrubs you want to remove. It would be very unsightly to have this amount of debris at the curbside for for over a week.
  2. This special spring cleanup does not include the collection of grass clippings. Please place your grass clippings in a separate locationat the curb for easy removal by Ecology Services on Monday, April 8th or any other of the usual Monday yard waste collections. Please remember the Ecology Services’ collection of yard waste requires debris to be bagged (no plastic bags), placed in containers, or tied in bundles.
  3. Myers and Laws will pick up bamboo; however, unwanted firewood will not be removed as part of this Spring cleanup.