Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the Constitution of Maryland, Article XI-E; the Maryland Code, Local Government Article, Section 4-301, et seq.; and the Charter of the Town of Chevy Chase View (the “Charter”), the Town Council of the Town of Chevy Chase View on May 21, 2024, duly adopted the following Charter amendment:

Charter Amendment Res. No. 2024-1 to amend Section 6 of the Charter to delete the requirement that notice of the time and place of the annual meeting be published in a newspaper and to allow notice to be issued directly to residents in a customary fashion, instead.

This amendment shall become and be considered a part of the Charter of the Town of Chevy Chase View on July 10, 2024, unless on or before July 1, 2024, there shall be presented to the Town Council, or mailed to it by registered mail, a petition signed by twenty percent (20%) or more of the persons who are qualified to vote in municipal elections of the Town of Chevy Chase View, requesting the proposed amendment be submitted on referendum to the voters of the Town of Chevy Chase View.

A complete copy of the Resolution and Charter can be obtained from Denise Hitt, Town Manager, at 10401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 120, Kensington, Maryland 20895 ([email protected]).