Good news!  Today, Reyes Construction, the concrete contractor for M. T. Laney, successfully completed the removal and replacement of the “marked in white” concrete curbs/gutters/driveway aprons portion of this work. Thank you to the Franklin Street residents who have been so gracious and patient with the crewmen this week. 

MT Laney – Franklin Street – Road Work Schedule

Friday, 10/27 – 11/20 (estimated completion date)

Repair of utility cuts in roadway begins. Paving of roadway begins, followed by speed hump installation and painting of speed humps, intersection stop bars and crosswalks.

HALLOWEEN Update: Reyes Construction will work on Monday, October 30th. At the end of the workday, M. T. Laney will make sure that the Franklin Street roadway is fully secured, place cones with caution ribbon, and place ‘Thru Traffic’ signs at the Connecticut Avenue and Franklin Street intersections.

There will be NO Reyes Construction work on Franklin Street on Tuesday, October 31st. ‘No Parking’ signs on Franklin Street will be updated to cover 11/1-11/3. Concrete work will resume on Wednesday, 11/1.

  1. The Connecticut Avenue/Franklin Street intersection will be closed (with the exception of Tuesday, October 31st).
  2. The Franklin Street/Summit Avenue intersection will be open to residents only on this block (with the exception of Tuesday, October 31st).
  3. Non-residents of Franklin Street are encouraged to find alternative routes through the Town.
  4. No parking will be available on Franklin Street during the daytime hours when Reyes Construction work is underway.
  5. The Town Manager will continue to provide specific details to Franklin Street residents directly affected by this M. T. Laney work for the duration of this project.

We will keep you updated as this work progresses.