Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 8th, M. T. Laney will be paving on Franklin Street between Connecticut Avenue and 4205 Franklin Street.

No later than 7:30 AM, residents of this stretch of Franklin Street, who need their car during the day, should:

1.      Park on Summit Avenue on the west side, which is the side with the even house numbers.

2.      Park on Franklin Street between Cedar Lane and 4212 Franklin Street.

The M.T. Laney flaggers will be accessible to residents who may need help with groceries, walking children to school or accompanying health care workers to residences.

Hughes Landscaping will be coming through on both blocks of Franklin Street at 6:00 am tomorrow to clear the roadway of leaves. Please refrain from putting leaves in the street until Saturday morning.  Continued work on Thursday, November 9th, and Friday, November 10th, will include installation of three (3) speed bumps and thermal marking of crosswalks, cross bars and speed bumps. All residents are asked to avoid this area of Town for the next three (3) days.

This has been a long and disruptive time for Town residents. Thanks so much for all the support and graciousness you have shown to these hard-working NPL, Reyes Construction and M. T. Laney crew members.

On Saturday, we can all head to our local car wash locations.