Dear Residents,

If you were thinking about applying to the RainScapes program, now is the time to do it! The portal is closing very soon.

RainScapes Program Director, Ann English, encourages everyone to apply now because the program will probably reach capacity and close the application window in February. The next application window will begin in August. You do not need to have a fully thought-out project to apply; you have the option to answer questions with “I don’t know.” Once you apply, a planner will be assigned to you. The planner will meet with you on your property to help you determine the best options for your situation.

Owners of adjoining properties who are interested in coordinating their projects should ideally apply at the same time to ensure they are assigned the same planner.

RainScapes provides significant technical and financial assistance to homeowners for the implementation of rain gardens, conservation landscapes, permeable pavement, green roofs, and other small-scale stormwater improvements. Rebates of up to $7,500 are awarded on a sliding scale, based on the type and size of the project, and CCV provides an additional rebate to encourage the use of the program to mitigate stormwater issues in the Town.

What do these terms mean and how do they work?

Rain gardens collect stormwater runoff from hard surfaces like roofs and driveways. They store runoff in a 6” deep puddle that drains quickly. They contain spongy soil and at least 75% native plants that clean and absorb the water and provide valuable habitat for pollinators.

Conservation landscapes replace areas of lawn, invasive plants, or erosion with native plants and improved soil. They are simplified rain gardens that slow down and soak up stormwater runoff.

Permeable paving allows stormwater to seep into the ground while maintaining a durable surface for cars and people. Specially engineered layers under the permeable paving surface clean and soak in stormwater.

You even get a rebate for removing pavement, de-compacting soil, and planting vegetation which helps reduce the hard surfaces that add to stormwater runoff.

Questions: Please feel free to reach out to Town Council Member, Nancy Somerville at [email protected], who is our leading expert, or Dense Hitt, Town Manager, at [email protected].

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Contact the RainScapes program directly by calling 311 or email [email protected].